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Server Introduction

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Server Introduction


Hello fellow crafters !

My name is Jos alias Dream_Theater and I am the owner of Crafters-United.

Crafters-United will be a new server that is still under construction and we are working hard to get it finished as soon as possible so people can enjoy our new server. I have played on a lot of servers myself and been staff on several servers but for some reason I cannot seem to find a server that is without its errors like corrupted staff, ingame errors/bugs, owners that are in for the money alone or do not care about its players and/or community etc. So I decided to start my own server to create a friendly community and environment for both young and older players where they feel at home and happy.

Currently we are still working hard to finish the server but we rather take the time to make sure there are no errors. The estimated time that we open the server will be the first week of December.

We will start our server with a OP&PvP Survival, Skyblock and Factions. Game play will be explained on the forums soon under the tab Servers.  Based on the success and players we get we will expand the server to more gamemodes in the future.

To give a heads up on what we have in mind are a Hunger Games, Skywars, Creative and Friendly no pvp Survival but in order to get that setup we require more nodes then we currently have. This is a dedicated SSD server so everything should run smoothly.

I hope I have made you curious and will see you soon on Crafters - United !



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Every success with the server. We wait forward to opening!



I am extremely excited to see this new server :)
Sad to see someone destroy dreams work on pika


Love this server already :)

a.k.a ChaosCrafterMC


Loving and enjoying the server so much!

OPSurvival it's so funny!!

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beautiful server , where u can enjoy so many things :D

Multiw8, Crafters_united Administrator / Builder