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How to post ingame screenshot (mac)

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How to post ingame screenshot (mac)

This basic guide can be used for minecraft or other games that are not browser based.

1. Whilst in game make sure you have visible what you want to screenshot(s) and use the Hotkey "CMD+Shift+3"

2. Go to your Desktop And there they are! the screenshot(s) that you made

there are called "Screenshot time/date" Example "Screenshot 2015-09-26 on 22.29.59"

3. Go To click on "Upload images"

4. Drag the Screenshot to the Webbrowser in imgur, if you did that than press "Start Upload"

5. After you Uploaded the screenshot Go to the direct Link on the right of the screenshot and copy the link.

6. Your screenshot should look like this; (including the [IMG][/IMG] Tags)

If you image does not look like this, then you have done something wrong.

Do not crop or edit your images.