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How to report a player

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How to report a player

Title format - [Player] - [Rule broken]
Example: Hacker404 - Hacking/Kill Aura

In-game name - Your in-game name.

Server - Which server is the violator breaking the rule.

Reason for report or player accused - Explain how the player is violating the rules. Example: Hacker404 - Kill Aura

Evidence - Must post evidence to prove that the player is violating. Such as screenshots or a video uploaded from Youtube.

Ways to get proof:

CamStudio - This is an easy recording software that captures your screen
to record any rule breaking or hacks coming from a player. It'll save
as a video so you can upload it to Youtube ( Then copy & paste the link onto your report. You can learn how to use it on their website information. Download link: http://camstudio....

LightShot - This is a very fast and easy program to capture your screen
in a picture. It'll upload right from the program and let you copy &
paste the link onto your report as proof. Learn how to use it on their
website: https://app.prnts...index.html