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Hello fellow crafters !

I have made some changes to the server and here is a list of what has been done and is still to come,



* added a spawnershop /spawners.

Because the item id's for mob spawners have been removed in 1.8 I had to add a custom

spawnershop. You can acces the spawnershop with the /spawners command and purchase

a spawner by clicking on it. This makes for a nice spawner minishop.

* Added /warp food

warp food is a animal arena where you can kill animals for free food. This basicly speaks for itself.

* Added a nice PvP Arena made by MrPies, /warp PvP

The pvp arena has been added for fair duels. A minishop for potions has been

added to the arena so you don't need to go to the spawn shop all the time.

* TnT use is enabled

People were complaining TnT was not working. TnT works fine but you can not use it in and around the

area of spawn and all warps due to the region set.

* Faction ingame and donator ranks

Faction has 4 ingame ranks that can be purchased by ingame money.

In order to create a faction you must have initiate rank ingame. This rank will cost

50,000 ingame money and is done on purpose to avoid tons of factions to be created by people

who will just login make a faction and never play again.

Donator ranks has been added to the buycraft. There are 7 donator ranks that variate from € 5,00 to €120,00

for specific details on what u get for the ranks look at the buycraft description before buying.

all the commands and kits are listed in full detail.

To celebrate the first season of factions there will be a 25% discount on all faction donator ranks till end of february.

coupon code is Factions

* vote crate and Premium Crate

Vote crate has been added with some nice prices. In order to get vote keys you must vote for the server.

This can be done once a day on all 5 vote sites. For each vote you receive 1 vote key so max is 5 a day.

U will receive  5 diamonds 5 exp bottles $1000 and a vote key per vote.

The premium crate will be added soon. Because the spawner id's are not working anymore in 1.8 I have to

compensate on other prices for it. But it will be added this weekend so if u won any Premium keys in the vote crate

please save them till the Premium crate is added.


What is still to come in the near future ?

At this very moment I am working on the next server as well.

We have decided as staff that the next server will be KitPvP. The arena is being made and wont be long before its finished.

I also made the basic server allready but im still looking for some nice custom duel plugins that

will allow you to duel 1vs1 2vs2 3vs3 team vs team. This plugin is still in development stage but wont be long until its

done according to its developer.

We also gonna add a skywars server after that and a minigames server with self made minigames,

think for example about spleef games, tnt wars etc. but this will take some time as its not easy done making tons of minigames.

This will mostly being made by administrator vyryn. questions or suggestion can be made to him about that.

A new Lobby, This lobby has been put togheter in a rush because we needed something to start off.

A new lobby will be added as soon as i have finished it. yes i make this one myself.

Anti cheat plugin. this will be done today or tommorow. i have a nice custom plugin that detects almost every hacked client or hack ability ingame.

it will also work with a auto kick and ban system taking away lots of work from my staff.

Donations, for now trhe only payment option is paypal trough buyvraft. buycraft is integrated into our website under the Donate tab on top.

It is possible to pay with paysafe card too, if u want to do that then contact Dream_Theater on Teamspeak.


More things are to come but i wont spoil everything by giving heads up.

It will be posted in time as i come to it.


Hope u enjoy it so far !


Dream_Theater - Owner of crafters-united




Nice updates for this week/month and hoping the next update will be a good one too.

Will paintball be added to the minigames ?


Keep it!! +1