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Suggestion about Op Suvival.

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Suggestion about Op Suvival.

I thing some player don't know how to get MCMMO Point so I'm here to suggest to make the rule more clearly,example,How can i get MCMMO Point for member.And also the rule of Op Survival need to upradge so it more clearly.

I want to know the Spawn need a bit desing and big.Thank you for supporting me.I hope the staff will fix it.



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well u can do /rules ingame or u can look here

si i dont knw how rules can be more clear.

for mcmmo op mobs custom items sockables items etc will be made a guide and posted here.

we are only with a few working on this server so we cannot do all at once.

writing all those guides takes a long time.


It just a reminder Dream,and also thx for comment,i have made it before like you say,but i have try to know player get those mcmmo point.It just my friend server,he just make a rule for mcmmo and more.Well,just do your best Dream anf find out more about mcmmo point for this server.Goodluck.