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/kit tools should be a 1 time kit that you get in the start otherwise people could make like 5 alts and get 15 emeralds a day from the kit. If you do take my suggestion into consideration can pawn shops also be added because the only way to get emeralds then is mining and donating which I don't think is convinent.

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i can change it but there is also a max acc login set.


I see it's changed to 1 week, I think that's fine :)

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i agree with adding a pawn shop idea.

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allright will look into adding shopkeepers in a pawnshop


They would actually be doing more work than needed by abusing the tool kit anyhow :P as emeralds are easy as heck to get from villager trading :D

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abusing? Why trading with villagers not allowed? I have 6-7 villagers in my house and they sell me emeralds for coals and irons

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Update: A detailed and varied pawnshop has been added to survival. It has a wide variety of things, but the opportunities to get money from farming are minimized. Mining, fishing, hunting for rare items and dungeons, and killing endermen are the best ways of making emeralds. You can also make money from tons and tons of cobblestone, stone or dirt, or from blaze rods, but these ways are significantly slower.

Happy hunting!

Vyryn, Crafters United Administrator