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This is my last posting,I want show my idea.

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This is my last posting,I want show my idea.

Pls remeber,now a days,people like to cheat on their ages,so make something diffecrent to see their age right or not.If still not work just contact the player so it everything is fine and nice.I hope the server do this.Thank you.


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It's fairly easy to tell someone's age based on the way they speak and their general level of maturity

I luv king, but senpai has yet to notice me. Sad kawaii face

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We can not guarentee that you are a specific age, however if you can not talk properly when you have as much time as you want to write a carefully composed application then you can not be trusted to act maturely in a position of power. If you write like a 10 year old at your best, even if you are 50 years old we do not want you as staff. On the other hand, if you are 17 but write like a 50 year old at all times and demonstrate your maturity in other ways, we may make an exception.

Vyryn, Crafters United Administrator