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Grief Prevention explained

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Grief Prevention explained

This is simple, just hold a gold shovel in your hand, and it'll appear in chat informing you how many claim blocks you have and provide a link to a video tutorial, if you'd rather watch that.
Each claim block claims 1 block, from bedrock to sky level.

What a claim does

You choose who has access to break/place blocks
Water-proof. Water can't flow into the claim from the outside, and can't flow outside of the claim from the inside.
Lava can only be placed inside of claims or underground.
Pistons can't even push a block into your claim or pull one out, if a piston tries to, it'll explode. (No damage done)
Buttons/levers are all protected, you choose who can access them
Containers are protected, you choose who can access them
Mobs inside of the claims are protected as well! People can't catch or kill the passive mobs without you trusting them.
Claims can't overlap, so others can't claim your land

How to see a claim and who owns it

To see a claim and who owns it, simply right click the block you're checking with a stick.
If it's not claimed, it'll simply say that in your chat.
If the block is claimed, it'll tell you who claimed it, how big the claim is, and when they were last online. Also, it'll make the claim visible

A claim is shown by gold blocks and glowstone around the claim (These blocks are not there, breaking them will not drop them).
Larger claims may have more gold blocks around the edge to make it more visible, instead of just the corners.

Creating a claim

The first chest you place on the server will probably create a claim without you even knowing it. If you place a chest and don't have any claims, it'll claim a 9x9 area around the chest for you automatically.

Aside from that, you hold a gold shovel, wait for it to inform you of how many claim blocks you have. Then you right click one corner of the area you're claiming, then right click the other corner (Continue holding the shovel until the claim is created)
So if you wanted to claim this house, you'd right click an emerald block on one corner, then right click an emerald block on the other corner.
(Note: The sign is not inside of the claim, so a lame griefer would be able to come by and break it, but not any of the diamond blocks)

Resizing a Claim

This is very simple. Just hold the gold shovel, then right click the corner of the claim that is there. It'll say in chat "Resizing claim" and you go to where you want that corner to be, and right click again.

So, you'd right click the bottom-most corner of the house in this picture, then right click the block of grass next to that corner, so that it becomes the new corner, and the sign is now claimed also.

Trusting other players and different trusts

There are four different types of trusts: AccessTrust, ContainerTrust, BuildTrust, and ManagerTrust. Stand inside of your claim, and type the trust that you want.

* /AccessTrust Player = Gives the player access to use buttons and levers.
* /ContainerTrust Player = Gives the player access to containers and animals, as well as AccessTrust.
* /Trust Player = Gives the player complete build permissions in the claim, as well as ContainerTrust.
* /PermissionTrust Player = Gives the player the ability to add other players to the claim, as well as Trust.

If you use "Public" for the Player name, it'll give everybody that trust level.
Stand in your claim and do /trustlist to see who all is trusted inside of the claim, and what kind of trust they have.
Do /untrust Player to remove a trusted player from a claim.

Subdivision Mode

This is more complicated than regular claims, but not much harder to understand. Basically, it allows you to create a "sub-claim" inside of your claimed area. This sub-claim can have different trust permissions.
To do this, hold your gold shovel, then type /sc.

Lets say I have an entire town claimed.
Now, I want everybody to have access to their own house, but not to anybody elses house, aside from me. I type /sc, and keep my gold shovel in my hand. Now I go and create sub-claims the same way I'd create a normal claim, by right clicking opposite corners of the houses.
(Notice that a sub-claim is shown with white wool and iron blocks instead of glowstone and gold blocks)
Now, I go inside of Carria's house, and do /PermissionTrust Carria17, that way she can add more people to the trust if she wants to. Then I'd repeat this for Jrw792, Allie0923, and Cupc4k3assass1n. I can do /trustlist inside of the subclaim to make sure it worked, and each player has access to only their house.

Getting rid of a claim

- To abandon a claim, stand inside of it, and do /abandonclaim.
- If your claim has subdivisions, you can stand inside of the sub-claim and do /abandonclaim to get rid of JUST that sub-claim, or do /AbandonTopLevelClaim to get rid of the entire claim with the sub-claims.
- If your claim has water/lava above ground in it, abandoning the claim will remove it.

________________________Getting more Claim Blocks_______________

You'll get claim blocks over time just for playing, as long as you're not idling (just standing around and chatting). As long as you appear to be actively playing the game, you'll continue to get claim blocks. If it's allowed on your server,

________________________Commands List_______________________

Deletes all of your claims.

Deletes the claim you're standing in.

/AccessTrust <player_name> | ALL or Public
Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds. To give all players permission type ALL instead of a player name.
alias: /at

Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
alias: /bc

/ContainerTrust <player_name> | ALL or Public
Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals. To give all players permission type ALL instead of a player name.
alias: /ct

/PermissionTrust <player_name> | ALL
Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others. To give all players permission type ALL instead of a player name.
alias: /pt

Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.
alias: /sc

/Trust <player_name> | ALL
Gives another player permission to build (and destroy) in your claim(s). To give all players permission type ALL instead of a player name. Use this command wisely.
alias: /t

Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.

/UnTrust <player_name> | ALL
Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
alias: /ut

/Untrust All
Removes all permissions for all players in your claim. Stand outside your claim(s) to remove permissions from ALL your claims.