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Ban for hacks even if i didnt use it

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Ban for hacks even if i didnt use it

In-Game Name:xxRainbowMCxx

Server:Ban on the Server

Date of ban:4/20/2016

Ban Reason and by whom:I was ban by vyrn we were doing 1v1 for the items and we were skyping and doing screenshare because i always got kick for anti-fire,anti speed hack anti knockback even if i didnt do it so vyryn check my minecraft folder so he see i have hacks but in minecraft i didint use it and i didnt logout so vyryn can see that i cant remove or didnt use the hacks so no reason and he ban me like he saw my hacks in the .minecraft

Explan why you believe you should have you ban overturned:You should unbanned me because i didnt use the hacks even if i have the hacks and surely i was doing legit in the fight cause i know i am fighting with admin so he can see the diffirence and even vyryn got kick for anti-fire even me even if i didnt have hacks

Ban Screen:


To Be Honest -Brian (xxRainbowMCxx)

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the screenshot in your ban reason clearly shows installed hacks like xray.

request denied


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