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About the sign.

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About the sign.

I see many player put the sign to the chest for private and it can't open it then they ask me how can they open it.I said,Idk.So is like a bug.Staff pls fix the sign issue.I hope you goodluck to fix the sign issue.


if their name is to long like mine the private sign will not work due to the fact the name will not fit in one line. So they will not be able to use private signs.

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Are you sure about this Shannon? I seem to recall SeveredShadow420 always being able to use private chests that he created even though his name was cut off, he just couldn't be added to a chest he did not create. In fact I am 100% certain about this for reasons I can not explain here.

Vyryn, Crafters United Administrator

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is it in a claim? and do you have permission to the claim? that can also prevent acces to sign protected chest. (had that problem to)

Multiw8, Crafters_united Administrator / Builder