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that was a mistake

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that was a mistake

-In Game Name: xXFNAFXx

    -server :  global ban

       -ban reason :  xray and chest esp by vyryn  banned saturday the 15/5/2016

           why should i be unbanned : well before i start talking just wanna point out that the video sent as proff conatins footage of me and my friend hanziq searching for a pool of lava we start randomly going around before i start digging randomly till i got to lava if i was using xray as u suggest i would have gone straightly to the pool without randomly diging so yeah all i have to say hope u guys understand

 ban screen :

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Thank you for using the proper template.

I did not ban you for the video. I banned you because you clearly saw chests through a wall and floor. While you were searching for the treasure hunt third chest, when you saw the mountain it is burried in you said "Oh I found the treasure chest.... I mean I think it might be here." Clearly, you saw it through the wall and then tried to cover up your slip. Also, when you said you were going to go afk for a little while, you were not afk but in fact ghosting. I do not know what the hack is really called but this involves leaving your body to float around rendered chunks freely. However, when you sprint and croutch while ghosting your character sprints and croutches, but remains still and looking the same direction. The sprint particles, when not caused by lag and coupled with the occasional croutching, the "being afk" and the previous suspicious behaviour were a clear indication of your guilt. Also, as soon as I mentioned this to you, indicating I knew what you were really doing, you panicked, left the game and teamspeak and probably deleted your hacked client.

Ban appeal denied.

Vyryn, Crafters United Administrator

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Aditional proof you admitting that you used hacks and Unban will be denied.


multiw8, Crafters united Builder


Multiw8, Crafters_united Administrator / Builder

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